10 thoughts on “Dice control How to win in craps Dice influence. Be a 100% winner.

  1. I have a question, I’m new to the table… but can you take down your bets at every/any casino?? I feel like it will be a disturbance to the rest of the players?

  2. Hey BT, would you use this betting system on others at the table? I'm gaining more confidence in my throws, but I haven't found a good betting strategy to use while waiting for the dice to come back to me.

  3. BT… I'm Left handed… I haven't seen any videos for Left handers yet… Should I try for the Stick-Right 1 spot?? Pls excuse if u have made a lefty video… Thx

  4. A huge number of shooters 7-out on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd roll after the point is set. I guess you are suggesting this only on your own rolls.

  5. Thank You BT Yes it looks real good when one is the shooter place you place bets when your on your own time on your own roll. Bet on yourself. $64 inside, Avoid the 7 get  3 hits and collect winnings  then take place bets down.

  6. Bone thrower, you have all these videos and never have a consistent dice set. This video is 5-4, 5-3. Question is what do you believe is best set for shooter to avoid 7 out? I've seen others say hardway set but haven't heard it from you yet. Thanks for response

  7. I commented previously sometimes your set doesn't work you work in its points 7.7 out every role even your dad I said don't work how do you know

  8. I can't walk or drive. Last week I got a ride, so excited! Throw and win. Again win! Wow three 7's win again! But something's wrong? I'm throwing with my right hand and I'm LEFT HANDED! 777 hell I won! Switched back to my left and did OK. john

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