“BLACKJACK (21)” by: Cel Manalo

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“BLACKJACK (21)” by: Cel Manalo

7 thoughts on ““BLACKJACK (21)” by: Cel Manalo

  1. I do have a quick question. If the cards do happen to go beyond the 25 mark do you go back to the orig 10 or is it progressive?

  2. Hi Clay, If you go to $25-mark, start again for another bankroll from $10 to $25, you have at least 4 sets of bankroll to do this system to be successful. This is not a progressive bets. It's a money management system.

  3. Hi Cel, I'm from the Bay Area, San Francisco. I would like you to know that since I apply your system to play in the casinos here in California and Reno Nevada I increased my winning by far, it is really-amazing gambling techniques and very easy to execute. In Reno every other week I'm using your Sports Book System I do good picking-up some winnings. I already talk to my family and friends about your system and they are also excited about it coz they are also winning too. I wish I could travel to Las Vegas soon to meet you in person to tell you that you help me a lot in my $$$$$ second income. THANK YOU-Gary S.

  4. Please give me your phone# and email. Thanks again. Gary S. I'm also hoping that your Youtube Video will stay on, so you could also help others.

  5. Hi Gary, thanks for your nice compliments and more power to you. My cell# is 702.750.6625 and my email is celsomanalo60@yahoo.com

  6. I know this video is over 5 years old, but I think its great, I saw it before and then could not find it, so glad I did.

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