Instant Roulette $1500 start

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Instant Roulette  $1500 start

10 thoughts on “Instant Roulette $1500 start

  1. Why are you playing on 15 different wheels I never seen this bad lmao.. stick to the same wheel, it’ll increase your odds imo

  2. dude it's worst strategy to play roulette you risk a lot of money just to win small amount , just bet only on 12 numbers 4 number per section and change them you will have smaller bet and better payouts and don't play roulette more than 15 min

  3. so that's how you lost $1500 in no time. The other streamers are paid by the stake, roobet and betting sites for their marketing. They pay them for all that that's why they waste 50k USD in videos. Stay safe.

  4. Don't ever anyone play this, i have lost so much money, biggest scamming Evolution game. You get directed to a wheel it knows you won't win on.

  5. I played this again, what an guy i am, i played as you did but on 1st and 2nd row, the damn thing landed on 31 4 times in a row on 4 different wheels and they have bet restrictions in place, Evolution need shutting down

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