Going ALL-IN for 2x Pot at $10/$20! ($2k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

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We’re on the button and 3-betting 8♦️7♦️ with 100bb, this can’t be too bad right? Let’s find out in this poker highlight from a recent $2k NL holdem online poker live stream!

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An aggressive poker strategy will take you far, today it got Phil all-in on the river!

What do you think about the way this poker hand progressed?
What, if any, poker adjustments would you make?

How often do you find yourself contemplating a huge shove into the pot with a garbage hand?

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Going ALL-IN for 2x Pot at $10/$20! ($2k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

9 thoughts on “Going ALL-IN for 2x Pot at $10/$20! ($2k NL Hold ‘em Poker Highlight)

  1. This is why I play PLO lol. I hate whiffing and not knowing when to bluff – I have a much better sense when go for it in PLO

  2. This line seems strange to me. I get checking back on the flop; we have a decent draw to the nuts but we are susceptible to getting blown off of our equity if we c-bet. So I like the flop check with this holding. However, I'm not sure how many good hands we're checking back. So I'm curious why we would go so large on the turn when the queen pairs. It seems backwards to check flop and start betting big on the turn with hands like AA/KK. And even though our opponent has checked twice I would still have his range being more Qx heavy than ours. My thinking on that is that he probably expects us to bet off most flush draws and Qx hands as well as some straight draws on the flop so, when the turn is another queen, he isn't terribly worried about getting drawn out on. He can comfortably check a queen for the 2nd time and hope that we value own ourselves or start bluffing. Going for a large sizing here on turn AND river kinda plays right into that strategy. I'm curious if anybody can tell me what I'm missing because Phil is obviously twice the player I am so I wouldn't be so arrogant as to think I would play this spot better than him. But this line feels like a mistake; what hands are we targetting for folds and do we need to take this line to accomplish our goal?

  3. Wow phil is human too. I was about to say I run into AK or AQ here all day long. Then decide i shouldnt 4 ber get it in vs wet boards with 8 high. Do I listen. No.

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