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In this video we discuss the INSIDERS secrets around the chances and odds of RNG/SLOT machine at casinos.

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4 thoughts on “Casino INSIDER tells me RNG/SLOTS are MANIPULATED!!!

  1. Coming from someone who’s lost a few bank rolls in the beginning of my Roulette playing adventure I can say I am 95% sure that the RNG roulette games are rigged. I’m not saying this because I lost money a few times, I’m saying this because I’ve noticed the same pattern over and over again with the RNG roulette games. Within about the five first minutes of play everything appears really random and the numbers come up just like you were playing with a live dealer. The game lets you get up a little bit in the beginning and then like somebody flipped the switch you just start losing the matter what you do. Then it lets you win a little bit but you never get up to where you were before and you drop back down a Waze then you’re up again a little bit but you don’t get to were where you were the last time and then you go back down again. And if you’re dumb enough to keep on playing thinking oh it’s going to hit the next time it’ll just ruin you. Tell me you haven’t played one of those games and in the beginning I used Martingale, that’s another story I’ll never use that system ever again, you keep thinking how it’s going to hit the next time it’s going to hit the next time and the moment you run out of money or stop betting the number you were betting on or the color or the dozen always comes up as soon as you stop. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on red and black comes up and then I go to black and red comes up and then I go to red and black comes up I’ve done this over and over with very small bats just to prove to myself what this game was doing. You never see long streaks of red and black red and black going completely opposite of where you are. I’ve played long enough now using live dealers only and you don’t see the same patterns going completely against what you’re betting on in such a continuous manor. As far as slot machines go, from what I found out the odds are changed by adding or subtracting symbols from the virtual reals or line in the computer program. For example on a three symbol slot machine adding just one extra bar symbol to any one of the virtual reels changes the odds of winning or losing. Same goes for removing symbols. That’s how they set the odds. Thanks for your work on this channel Charlie, I enjoy watching.

  2. Sorry, but this is completely false. He was giving you bad information. They do not calibrate them RNG.

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