10 thoughts on “CHRISTOPHER MITCHELL “BACCARAT” How To Play Baccarat And Win!!!

  1. You will stay broke for as long as you’re alive with your broke as mentality

  2. Love your videos. Keep it up. This guy Chris is a complete loser and should stop all the bs in trying to con people out of their money

  3. I am very thankful you guys make these videos, I get to look at the game from different perspectives and learn.

  4. 6 level Marty… Odds are 98.43 to 1…close enough to 99 to 1…
    Win 63 out of 64 times (don't forget about variances).

    Grand Marty at only 5 levels is a nice grind…based on table selection….

    I like CRAPS…and I like better the DARK side….
    I have a lot of patience and always look for a real ice cold crap table and walk in and start betting that casino side (DARK SIDE) DON'T Pass Line:….. I look for a shooter the farthest from he stick …the longest throw…with teh most change of those dice hitting SEVEN….

    The only issue I have is when the shooter hit a lot of 7's and elevens on the come out roll…

    Otherwise …..I always pound the DARK side…..with 5 level Grand Marty,,,

    Pound that dark side, when the casinos open ….

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  7. Let me tell you what this donkey Christopher Mitchell says about working if you work 40 hrs a week you cant ever get that time back duh but if you lose your whole pay check at the casino you can get that back again duh

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