EASY SYSTEM WITH POTENTIAL GOOD PROFIT – “Banker Modified Paroli” Baccarat System

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EASY SYSTEM WITH POTENTIAL GOOD PROFIT – “Banker Modified Paroli” Baccarat System

10 thoughts on “EASY SYSTEM WITH POTENTIAL GOOD PROFIT – “Banker Modified Paroli” Baccarat System

  1. Hey guys I have two questions for you why isn’t there a spot 4 on the table ? Question two when you first started the game you turned over in ACE then you burn another card what is the purpose of this

  2. $55 profit on a shoe not bad even with the slow start….gotta hit those long banker streaks though

  3. I love slow grind, no chase baccarat. Can’t wait to get back to the casino

  4. Yes definitely start doing more baccarat systems. Playing chops, or streaks ? Alex what casino do you currently work at? Thanks ..keep the videos coming

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