EZ BACCARAT: How to win Panda Theory

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Using this betting strategy, chasing dragon and panda easily becomes the most exciting part about playing ez bac. Here’s an easy strategy/theory to follow, explained and calculated so you can see it’s profitability and potential. More videos to follow…im aware of the misspelled bacarrat. My apologies.

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EZ BACCARAT: How to win Panda Theory

8 thoughts on “EZ BACCARAT: How to win Panda Theory

  1. High cards 5-9= are better for banker to hit a win low cards 1-4 are better for player. 4 is best card for player and 6 is best card for banker. Thank me after your ritch…

  2. The panda bet appears 3.3% of hands in an 88 hand shu dragon 2.2% of all hands I bet panda even though it’s paying far less it shows up more which is more valuable to me I always bet player due to the casino near me being rigged making banker lose more they load up on small cards and auto shuffle reshuffler that Bitch

  3. Also if casinos used 16 decks vs 8 the player would gain a half of a percent edge over banker I’m still trying to understand why this is, ill search for the answer till the end of time if I have to

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