9 thoughts on “How to Beat Baccarat Using The D’Alembert System CORRECTLY !!!

  1. Money management is critical for EVERY system. Gotta have the discipline to grind it out. That's why the martingalers crash and burn after they bust. Used to be me… never again.

  2. I do like the TC TT system as it closely resembles my avant-dernier (before the last) method. Only the terrible twos see it unravel……in any case appreciate all the effort you put in and may you and the family have a very Happy Christmas and New Year period!

  3. Great vid. I liked that you focused on the betting part. Since I also use this along with flat betting. I’m always referring people to your videos for better explanations with they ask me questions. You do a much better job explaining things then I do 👍. Side Note….Coach you have a channel?

  4. What?? Folks are aggravating you? I better not find it in the comments because Im gonna let them know you got your act together and they just being abusive to others. Honestly anyone watches you long enough they KNOW what's real and what isn't. And if they still don't see the light then they just flat out don't belong here. Have a wonderful 🎄 tomorrow !! 😎

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