10 thoughts on “Playing For Stacks, The One That Got Away. Poker Vlog 27

  1. I”m really enjoying watching your VLOG and the progression that your showing. Please keep the videos coming. Best of luck on the felt.

  2. The JJ hand I was thinking imagine a J33 flop …. then I was thinking, imagine the op has 10,3 here…. Twilight zone psychic youtube reads.

  3. I don’t think that pocket 4s jam was that bad, 2 opponents showing strength and you can eliminate 1 opponent without winning the hand, you could’ve been dominated and he made a bad lay down I like the reraise

  4. Bet size does not equal aggression. Aggression is consistently betting and raising IP or OOP against your opponents which is where your aggression came from. Good job being aggressive, most poker players even at the small stakes can't handle it very well and tend to make very big mistakes when you make them uncomfortable.

  5. I think your being too hard on yourself and the way you play some hands. On the flopped set of 4s, I think that you put him on a hand of K with a flush draw so a shove there was a great play. Let’s say you just call, and he’s sitting with PP 10s. The turn was a ten and he takes a majority of your chips. Your being way too results oriented. Chill a bit about your play…you won the hand!!!

  6. I like the vlog, it's something else to the usual really. However, maybe you should pick a more attractive name for the channel…
    Something that reflects who you are, something people will click when they see it… How about 'OMC Poker' or 'The OM and the C' ? Something in that direction…

  7. Nice round, good win I think making that raise with pocket 4's was fine if he has a premium hand he is calling.

  8. Good vlog 👍
    Love the "guy got cold decked there, with the 10-3" as he should….. its 10 – 3!!!

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