Entrepreneur Advice: 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You

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04:03 – The one tip and lesson that is the different between a significant life and mediocre one!
06:25 – How to save yourself a lot of agony!

So, what does blackjack have to do with your life?

Surprisingly there are many similarities in the two!

If I said life was like a box of chocolates you would get the reference right? Well lets just say life is like a game of blackjack with plenty of lessons for life!

So in this video, I will share with you 7 valuable lessons to be gleaned from a game of blackjack, plus a a bit of blackjack strategy while were at it!

I think one of the biggest pieces of entrepreneurial advice I can share from playing blackjack is to expect the highs and lows.

If you play there will inevitably be times when you are hot and equally times when you are cold. Expect them. Embrace them.

Just the same in your life, there will be times when things are not going as expected or planned.

But like Jim Rohn says, its not the things that happen to you that matter, because things happen to all of us, it is the set of your sail.

In other words how you decide to react to the thing that happened. Being a real winner in life is knowing that everything that happens to you is for your benefit in some way or another.

And it just so happens to play out on the tables too!

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Entrepreneur Advice: 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You

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Entrepreneur Advice: 7 Valuable Lessons of Life Blackjack Can Teach You