10 thoughts on “How To Read Poker Players |10 Obvious Poker Tells

  1. i played some friendly heads up the other night, i wanted to bluff so i gazed at my chips, then looked back up as thought i was making a rookie mistake then faked a look of did he notice, result player folded.

  2. Last time I played and one of the guys missed his chips on the table it ended with bread and water for me 1 week after I call him….I found out He was in a car accident 2 years back and his right hand was not in good mode so this video is not allways saying the truth.

  3. If I learned anything from westerns, it’s that if you’re not sure if your opponent is bluffing you should either shoot him under the table or flip the table over and punch him in the face, triggering a brawl.

  4. I could tell u a secrect in poker only 5ppl in the whole world know but u have to send me 500$

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