9 thoughts on “$4,000 Blackjack strategy

  1. It’s the dealers turn to bust if they have a 7. I better chance at winning is better then maybe 2 chances of losing. I’m kind of knew to the channel but I’m learning a lot 😭

  2. The reason not to split 9s on a dealer 7 is because you would have 18 and it could be possible that the dealer would have an ace making them have 8/18 which might be a push if they get a 10 card. Or they could have a 10 card which they would have hard 17 in which you have the higher number.

  3. You will win more money over time splitting on any card but on the 7 10 or Ace (when you have 9s). We have to use the math to get money in when the advantage switches in our favor.

  4. Because the dealers assumed 17 loses to your made 18 hand. It’s about making money, not losing money.

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