How traditional baccarat systems decide what to bet

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An explanation of what statistics are important in a Baccarat game and how some rote system uses static data. In this example, I explain two systems that only use minimal trend analysis to make a decision. And then explain why a strong side analysis is a better approach to judge when to place a bet due to the data used. Also why you need to be more selective when betting.

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How traditional baccarat systems decide what to bet

10 thoughts on “How traditional baccarat systems decide what to bet

  1. When a dragon tail on either side occurs 16x, then bet against that side, and Martingale your bets. You bet 1x in 3 shoes, and you only need 2500 units in your bankroll.

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  3. Betting same or op of the second result is a very old and useful system but the sixtyfour doller question is when two switch, after one loss or two or three? Which ever you choose some shoes are dead and some not , played with sturn I've had fun at low stakes switching after one and waiting after two losses for a imaginary win too continue. But if wins are coming hard the best thing, is just to get out before you get in the hole and go have some pho.

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