From $100 to $1000 HYPER TURBO Strategy

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Today tonkaaaap is focusing on hyper turbo SNGs from $100 all the way up to the higher stakes of $1000. Hopping right into the games he manages to pop off a $1000 game right off the bat. Follow along as he explains a broad analysis of his game and tries to break down every decision for your viewing pleasure.

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From $100 to $1000 HYPER TURBO Strategy

10 thoughts on “From $100 to $1000 HYPER TURBO Strategy

  1. thanks for this tonka! im trying these out see if i could build a roll with these

  2. players at the low stakes are pretty agro too! because they don't know better, and its only a few dollars. Min raise at low stakes usually gets called by half the table.

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