BATTLE OF THE VLOGGERS // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 52

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Insipired by Brad Owen and Rampage Poker, I am a Live Low-Limit No Limit Texas Holdem Poker player who wants to push out great poker content and build a community of PokerBEASTs, where we can learn, grow, and enjoy this beautifully complex game together.

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I hope you learn some Texas Holdem tips and strategy, the rules for Texas Holdem and how to play no limit texas holdem poker in a card room.

The game is always changing and we are learning poker 2021 strategy. I especially want to encourage you if its your first time playing poker in a card room, or you are learning to play Texas Holdem, and want to learn how to win Casino poker to go for it!


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BATTLE OF THE VLOGGERS // Texas Holdem Poker Vlog 52

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  3. I was there for the MUG but I thought the purpose of a meet up game was so that the host would move from table to table in order to "meet" the players attending.. not stay at one table with his vlogger buddies the whole time.

  4. Is every session win or lose that is blog recorded posted. ? One innocently wonders. ?

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