Winning Money Baccarat New Betting system

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Making Money Baccarat, What system, What Betting style,
Mirror system and Debbie’s system video

Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system

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Winning Money Baccarat New Betting system

10 thoughts on “Winning Money Baccarat New Betting system

  1. I looove this new betting system! I don’t gamble on the weekends so I am very anxious to try this out tomorrow!

  2. Great video and great money management, but it seems to me that Wizards of Odds is geared towards making players think that if the method you're testing wins on here, it will do the same with your own money.

  3. careful this is pure gambling you will lose at the same speed you can start win. only way is to have crazy amount of bankroll and pray. those methods are not realistic ways to beat the casino.

  4. Hey, Hey, Hey, Wilson Been playing this for one day now and 100% so far but very scary sometimes. But always came back on top. But don't know if the nerves can stand it….. Stay safe Wilson….Love from the lovely Isle of Wight

  5. Hey Wilson. Maybe starts a series on Money Management instead of BS. There are many conservative and aggressive strategies. This would be the HG with your BS if we find one that’s in the middle. Let me start out with everyone look up Deance Method. Works well.

  6. I like this a lot, but I don’t wait for the $100 mark, anything over $25 is good for me, then I go back down to base bet and start all over. Trying to get to $100 was getting scary for me lol I’m using this on European Roulette as well. If 0 hits I keep the same bet side, but I’ll add a unit.

  7. AMIGOS, would anyone happen to have a data file of shoes saved up they'd be willing to send me ? I'm looking to do some research. Please/Thank You… Text or spreadsheet.

  8. Here is something I have been trying and 100% so far……… I am playing online with a casino that has 12 live tables, and all I am doing is starting off at the first table and going through them one by one till I come to the last one. So all I do is look at the last bead road and bet the opposite, like the mirror system, on the next available bet, until I get a win then move on. So by the end of my session I "SHOULD" be 12 units up. So as soon as I bring up the table I bet. If there is a tie I just go across one more road….. As someone once said …… "As clear as mud" Have a good Sunday everyone, Stay Safe…..

  9. for this shoe, it works,
    and you guess it right, guessing is accumulation of experience, surely you are.

    still don't know how many common types of baccarat patterns at the beginning 20 hands?
    can you share your experience?

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