Good craps strategy? Center action what not to do!

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A brief discussion of the things you DON’T want to do when betting center action!

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Good craps strategy?  Center action what not to do!

7 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? Center action what not to do!

  1. Good information!
    Are you standing on some sort of a mat I keep hearing creaking sound as you shift your weight?

  2. Some people just like to gamble, is why. Not me, I appreciate the lesson. Hell yes, you need to know your payouts and progression, and don’t make an ass of yourself when you ask for the rest of your money. And always correct the dealer for the casino side, as long as it’s a good relationship.

  3. Thanks for the details, on the middle section. In 1971 at Binions, I knew nothing about the game. An older gentleman told me not to bet the middle it was a sucker section. Now I'm an older casual player, but still don't bet the middle except for a CE on come out rolls, rarely.

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