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Making Money Baccarat, What system, What Betting style,
Mirror system and Debbie’s system video

Debbie’s online System Slow and safe system
Bet you can’t lose system
Chad’s system

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Invest in Baccarat Money Money

10 thoughts on “Invest in Baccarat Money Money

  1. I'll have to test this one.
    I've been playing grand marty with $25 units.
    25-75-175-375-750-1500. $3000 bankroll.
    What are you doing to bet $50 unit for the same or smaller bankroll?

  2. Hello Wilson, Here a message from The Netherlands. I do play sometimes the Terrible two strategy as shown in this video but I have seen that I needed marty 8 and once even a marty 9 in order not to loose. I also looked at the NO-Mirror system and checked dozens of hands and noticed that using rows of 6 for the No-Mirror strategy gives a different result than using rows of 7, 8 , 5 or 4 and strangely enough I found that using rows of only 4 (!) gave the most wins (playing the same games over and over) and the lowest overall risk. Of course there is the risk that say 12 players come up. In that case in theory you might also need a marty 9 to win in the end. So what I do now is I play as follows: I start a new game and my target is to win 3 units. And I play it as a Labouchere with a 1 and a 2. only. So my first bet is 3 units and often I win that hand. And then I start over again a new game. This way I play about 4-5 games per day and win consistently 12-15 units per day. My BR is not so big yet but 12-15 units per day steadily gives a good perspective (12 x 25 USD = 300 USD per day). Anyway I wanted to mainly share the fact that rows of 4 instead of rows of 6 give more winning hands (so far in all my testing and it works when playing with real money) which in return greatly reduces the risk of playing Labouchere. Greetings

  3. What is the best strategy would you say to just win one unit ? I understand a lot will depend on the bankroll. Just asking generally.

  4. After a tie, skip the next hand and then the very next hand bet for a tie again. Other than that always bet that a two streak won’t become a 3 streak flat bet. Worst case is you’ll lose a few units in a shoe but if you hit that 8-1 tie it’ll make up for it plus some. For some reason after a tie I’ve seen another tie come two hands later a lot of times.

  5. Can I be a bit of a nuisance please. I am trying to work out your Grand Martingale sequence as above 5-15-35-75-150 Some confusion next at 30 (300 I think) then 600-1200 This does not add up to 2500 as stated it adds up to 2380. Help please..

  6. Didnt like leaving out the terrible twos so I modified.
    Bet on 1's and 2's only.(occurs 75% of the time.
    No streaks. After a streak wait to make sure another streak is not immediately following then bet. Keeps bets low.
    Your thoughts

  7. Hi there Wilson, what are yours thoughts about gambling online??? And if you have any tips, websites?! Great videos!!!

  8. Hello Wilson. This is Steve the old guy in New England. Could you run a instructual vid on craigs new simulator. It’s a little different than you first one. Thanks and keep up the great vids

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