How To READ Your Opponent’s HAND STRENGTH! Poker After Dark Special

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Was this a brilliant play or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

In this special instalment from Poker After Dark we get to see a BATTLE take place! After Alan Keating gets a read on his opponent’s hand strength, he POUNCES into action!

Should you make a play like this when thousands of $$$ are on the line?

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How To READ Your Opponent’s HAND STRENGTH! Poker After Dark Special

10 thoughts on “How To READ Your Opponent’s HAND STRENGTH! Poker After Dark Special

  1. What would You do with K♦ J♥ on the turn?

    Your Stack (CO): $19,600

    Their Stack(HJ): $138,600

    Pot: $4,000

    Board: Q♥ J♠ 2♠ T♣

    HJ checks

    A) Check

    B) Bet $1,000 (small)

    C) Bet $2,000 (medium)

    D) Bet $4,000 (large)

  2. I've been playing for a couple years and I don't think I call enough I need help reading hands

  3. very cool video i learned a lot about playing poker against particular opponents. gonna use it to beat my home game 😎

  4. I would check the turn with the pot control and make a reasonable call on the river if the J9 going to bet

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