Let’s Talk Baccarat Episode 38

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Let’s Talk Baccarat Episode 38

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Baccarat Episode 38

  1. Keith: I've seen a lot of your YouTube videos and they are great. Can I make a suggestion? Can you interview other members?

    Canada Baccarat is great but it would be nice to have hear thoughts and views from your members too. How about having "Action Mike" back on? What do you think, Keith?

  2. I’m not sure what happened, my post was deleted. Anyway I was in Vegas last week killed it Baccarat! I played at flamingo and Southpoint. My minimum bet was $10 at Southpoint and $15 flamingo. I didn’t have a losing session this whole trip at Baccarat. This trip I played, Craps, live horse racing, roulette, Sports betting and baccarat for the first time in Vegas. I of all the gambling I did walk right was the best return and it was so easy. I didn’t have a losing baccarat session the whole trip. I basically did a martingale strategy. Minimum bet was $10 maximum with 60. I ended up with a $300 profit. I’m happy with that I’m a small time gambler.

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