10 thoughts on “Making Money Casino Baccarat movie

  1. To me, Baccarat is a mindless, dull game. The only decision is to bet on the bank, the player, or a tie. The way the cards are dealt is all automatic. You might just as well bet on each hand in a game of war.

  2. I saw on another site that when you have 3 in a row of the same, most of the time the next one will be opposite. Maybe play that way when you see the first 3-1 and don't Martingale when you see one to see where the shoe is going. I am a newbie, but it makes sense if that is the weakness of this system. Otherwise I really like what I saw here. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  3. if you encounter 13 13 13 ie B PPP B PPP Or P BBB P BBB then no martingale can help it and lose eight hands in a row!

  4. Hi Wilson, I love what you do Kama very informative you are also what a great sense of humor, please keep up the good work. On the Baccarat video I just seen you showed a casino with multiple games to pick from Tama speed baccarat Etc, what is the name of that site? I would like to research it and possibly use it. Thank you Dave

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