Most Common CRAPS STRATEGY | Craps Lesson with Jason

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Most Common CRAPS STRATEGY | Craps Lesson with Jason

Today we explore the most common craps strategies used on the casino floor! Today’s host is Jason! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Most Common CRAPS STRATEGY | Craps Lesson with Jason

10 thoughts on “Most Common CRAPS STRATEGY | Craps Lesson with Jason

  1. We listened to your feedback! Jason our Craps assistant is going to start a series (hopefully) every week on various Craps strategies. Let us know on your feedback and feel free to e-mail us your personal strategies! Thanks for watching! — Alex

  2. I thought that was Alex (at first)…. and just figured he DREW on a Few Tattoo's before the video!!! hahaha. Good Stuff Jason. It's nice to see a Craps video with a slight perspective from the dealers' side of things. Interesting!!!! Good Job!!!

  3. I like playing somewhere between 4 and 5 I don't play the pass, don't pass unless I'm rolling and I put the minimum across but I'll still play the field and I use that money to help press the numbers. but I also turn my numbers off after so many rolls and still do the field and save that money and on the next roll I'll press all the numbers again for one unit and try to build it up some more. keep making the great videos

  4. Personally, when I play Iron Cross, I have a don't pass + odds for insurance and pressing; and I do place bet field number and start double winning. When I use that method, I am just killing time and hoping to pull money for tokes for the dealers later via siphon off the win.

  5. SUPER DUPER…๐Ÿคฉ great video on seeing some current Betting Strategies in the game…Jason, your knowledge is superior and hand skill top notch…love the delivery of your presentation, looking forward to the next video (Timmy, smooth editing ๐Ÿ˜Ž)…Keep the finger on the button

  6. Have you ever seen someone do a martingale strategy on the odds portion of the bet where they increase just the odds portion of a passline bet untill they win a point?? ive thought about doing it because my thinking is that a point has to eventually hit and if i manage it right it might pay off and make the game last for awhile. just my thoughts. what say you???

  7. I canโ€™t find Davidโ€™s power press from before can you send a link…thanks!!!

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