Dealing Dice. How to pay center action fast.

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Dealing Dice. How to pay center action fast.

3 thoughts on “Dealing Dice. How to pay center action fast.

  1. More more more of this …. and less less less of the strategy stuff. There's more than enough of that out there. We need more of the content that the rest of YouTube can't provide, which is the dealer side of the operation and the great stories.

  2. Last month in Vegas I noticed the Horn bets as 15 FOR 1, 30 FOR 1. Is that only at a couple Caesar's properties, or are more casinos moving to this. If so, I won't be playing the horn. They should be the same as a HOP after all they are a one roll bet just like a hop.

  3. That's weird I've been getting underpaid on my horn high ace deuce this whole time uggh…

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