Revenge at $5/10 Bellagio on Super Bowl Sunday

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Super Bowl Sunday in Vegas, can it get better than this! Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed and SUBSCRIBE if you’re new! As always, really grateful and appreciative of the support.

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Revenge at $5/10 Bellagio on Super Bowl Sunday

10 thoughts on “Revenge at $5/10 Bellagio on Super Bowl Sunday

  1. A/10 off suite is a fold pre-flop after that kind of action. Even on the button you need to fold that hand.

  2. The AQ check makes no sense…. you'd want to make the player pay to draw and you miss a street of value since you're good there a high percentage of the time. Also if you put the player on a draw, why would you lead out on the river… a tank then check would probably induce him to bluff with possibly a J-X holding and give you more value with an easy call. One street of value on a dry board with top-top is literally minimum value…

  3. Higher stakes shouldn’t change the way you play, if you’re not comfortable 3 betting hands like AQ in the SB because you dont want to “blow up” pots, then you’re not ready for $5/$10 yet

  4. Players bet big on the river for two reasons.

    1. Value
    2. Bluff

    (Think in your head how the hand played out and ask yourself if it makes sense)

  5. I live in sweden i would love some of thoose prints! Do you ship to sweden?
    I would love some of the prints designed on a hoodie or T-shirt!

  6. With AQ hand I think you should’ve over bet the pot or come close to a pot size bet esp with the river pairing the 7. Could’ve made your hand look like you missed the open ended draw. Just my .02

  7. 5/10 at bellagio is soo so soo nitty. Everything opens to $30 and you rarely even get a caller. I was there a month ago. Home games in ATL are better. Msg me if you come this way.

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