Craps Strategy: Dark vs Light (When Harry Met Molly) – Viewer Requested Battle

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It’s a craps betting strategy battle to the very end! Dark Side Lay 4 and 10 vs. Light Side 3 Point Molly. Who comes out ahead? Who (if anyone) takes home some profit?

This is a viewer requested video (thanks, Jeff P!), and certainly the most ambitious one I’ve produced to date. I typically let the casino dealers take care of the payouts, etc… so this put my math skills to the test.

I hope you enjoy the content, and can’t wait to read all your comments!

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk.

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Craps Strategy: Dark vs Light (When Harry Met Molly) – Viewer Requested Battle

5 thoughts on “Craps Strategy: Dark vs Light (When Harry Met Molly) – Viewer Requested Battle

  1. Don't strategy reminds me of Big AZ's Don't Pass for Dummies – BIg AZ always warns against laying 4 and 10

  2. Hey, CT! Thanks for rolling this out! I also love that this is a longer video! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but this is exciting stuff. As it’s a work day, I’ll be watching in installments and editing my comment as I go. My first impression is I was too prescriptive with my suggestion. Accordingly, I have a new suggestion that allows for more poetic license (whenever you’re looking for some content ideas, would also love to see what you’re cooking up or other viewer suggestions). Perhaps you can demonstrate a don’t strategy that leverages hard ways as a partial hedge. I know you mentioned that you’re still learning the game, and I thought this might be a logical way to introduce center action in the same vein as some of your previous strategies. Looking forward to checking back in. Thanks for the great content! Checking back in with a couple more thoughts…laying the 4/10 could be picked up after the point is established. It was just a way to get a little more action down early. Also, there are not many pass line players that would play $25 pass with no odds (since odds pay better). However, it makes it easier to deal for sure. Speaking of which, great dealing as always (well, since the first couple). You are a faster study than I think I would be. 24:23 you hit your point and don’t pay the pass line. 29:00 absolutely! 31:31 11 is a loser on DC, not a winner. Final thought: maybe put in a note that you didn’t mess up on the first hand after all or go back and mute the parts where you mention that you might have. Really enjoyed this video!

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