6 thoughts on “Baccarat Player Strategy : ) Goes on !! Merry Christmas !!

  1. That was my game today. A Merry Banker Christmas lol. Both RNG and Live were very banker heavy.
    Over $800 down on your game definitely would have broke me. So I really shouldn't be playing live yet. Somehow I survived to play another day. Currently up 205 units.

  2. Actually, Gam Chi, IMO you are in a class by yourself. There is no other channel on Youtube that provides the quality of information that you do. There are others that are very entertaining & fun to watch but the small amount of information that is given for free is just a come on to get people to sign up for their Guaranteed Megabucks road to Fame & Fortune. IF there is another channel like yours then I have yet to stumble across it. All of the rest I have seen are there for the purpose of making money off of their viewers since they actually can NOT beat Bac. They use smoke & mirrors along with a good line of BS to convince people that they actually CAN beat Bac. You have allowed your viewers to watch as you have evolved your systems along the way. There is a LOT of very valuable info on your channel. Most people cannot recognize just how valuable it is since it's FREE.

  3. You started at $10,200, and at one point, the balance was around $9,200 {i.e., a $1,000 drawdown)…Yes, you ultimately won $200, but if you ever come across several consecutive shoes dominated by the Banker, you may not ever be able to dig yourself out of the hole. Too much risk for the potential reward per session for me.

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