10 thoughts on “MY FULLY DETAILED FREE BACCARAT SYSTEM-Majority 6 System.

  1. Wow,, is this strategy actually work for you brother?? I really enjoy your video,I spent nearly 5,000 dollars on the strategy and still not doing well, however, today I learned something for free, thanks Heaven above, thanks Chicago for a wonderful son, I will apply this strategy soon

  2. WOW man. Thanks for uploading this wonderful system. Completely change my take on baccarat. Very appreciated. Good luck to you.

  3. I did have a question come up. I was flat betting. Lost the 1st bet, won the 2nd to break even. Should I bet a 3rd time on that column or be done with it. I know if I had doubled up on the 2nd bet I’d be done. Wondering how you would handle this. Thanks 👍

  4. Betting progression that works with this system…eg.. $15 base bet.. if you win stay on base bet when you lose raise next bet by$5.. when you win next bet $5 less… it’s mathematics… can do any progression $25 base up/down $10 eg…

    15w. +15
    2/15w +30
    3/15L +15
    4/20L -5
    6/30w even
    7/25w +25
    8/20w +40

    Extra extra … safer than martingale … martingale bad to dangerous …not a bad little system dude… good luck gents

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