How to Play Marginal Hands in Poker

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I flop a marginal made hand and play it as a marginal made hand should be played. Would you have played it this way?

Let me know if you have any questions!

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How to Play Marginal Hands in Poker

10 thoughts on “How to Play Marginal Hands in Poker

  1. Its a good read tha the opponent has a K but I find in myself in situations where they had an ace the whole time.. would you have done the same?

  2. when you lose to somebody who think going all in is the only button they can press is just the worst loveing thing in poker…pls learn how to play lmfao

  3. Your line bad man. It loses you 700-800 chips in EV. I'd go B Xb B (small sizing) or B B 2bb otr. Prints. When villains lead turn & river you can pretty much rule out TP. They don't got enough patience to check Ax TP on this flop. When he leads turn & river to this sizing – not only do you lose vs upper end of his Kx component within his range, KQ – lose, chop KJ, win KT, lose K9, you make less vs what you beat. He has like double the combos that beat you when he takes this line. Not to mention he could have blown you off a better hand but sizing is a hard concept for fish. feels yuck to be bluff catching here when you can turn the tables on him. Checking AK9 vs BB defend range as a EP open is criminal. You are correct that this sort of flop is a check w/ medium strength hands but you have massive range advantage esp EP vs BB. Curious, what do u do if he checks turn? Don't hate the flop check in all honesty but it's clear that you checked for all the wrong reasons.

  4. I have made every single mistake you outline here. This is why I read you're bad and watch you're content. Thank You.

  5. The hands I have trouble playing are when I flop the best hand, so I bet strongly, get called, turn still looks like I have the best hand so I bet strongly again, get called then I find I no longer have the nuts, but am more or less pot committed. e.g. I have Td9d I raise, flop Jc8s7s I raise half pot, turn is Qh, I raise, villain re-raises, I decide to go all-in. Villain calls, he shows As9s. River is a spade and I get stacked. I'm not sure what you would do, is it better to be a bit more cautious wth this type of hand, more agressive, or was I just unlucky. Any help appreciated.

  6. My man JL has it all! great coach, great player, great businessman, great father (love Mr. James & Mr. Thomas), great husband. Keep up good work

  7. I found that poker is about your mindset+study until you get strong fundamentals. I can crush small tournaments when focusing on players patterns and good overall choices. Never call a raise from tight players, keep track of players behavior, pressure the weak calls with reraises, steal blinds, etc. Last of course is "playing on days you're calm", because If you play on days you are not calm and focused, nothing you learned will matter since you gonna play like bad and give excuses to your poor plays

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