Good Slots for Low-Limit Players: We Look at 5-cent “Dragon Link”

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Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide Book, explores a variety of slot machines he believes offer good values to low-limit slots players.

He speaks about the Dragon Link series from Aristocrat Gaming. Instead of 1-cent slot machines like usual, this time he talks about raising your bet level up to the 5-cent denomination. He also explains how the game works and why it offers good value to players. He then plays $100 through the machine to see if he can get lucky and win some money.

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Good Slots for Low-Limit Players: We Look at 5-cent “Dragon Link”

10 thoughts on “Good Slots for Low-Limit Players: We Look at 5-cent “Dragon Link”

  1. Come on, Matt. I know you guys are legit, but a scooby doo t-shirt does not convey to new viewers that you are an authority on casino gambling. Thanks for an enjoyable and entertaining video! 😂🙈

  2. Going to Biloxi Mississippi for my birthday (IP) end of May,wish me luck(I'm going try dragon links

  3. The multiple for the mini/minor is the same. It's the payout percentage for one cent versus 5 cent that is different. If you check out the monthly take reports at the Florida gaming commission's website you'll see what denomination has the highest percentage but with tribal casinos they don't report as often as corporate casinos, I believe.

  4. On a different note, I really missed your coupon book last year and I really hope that you have a physical one for 2023.

  5. Nothing like an expert telling you what to play and has no idea how the game rolls,yes you can get fireballs during the bonus

  6. great session. I love dragon links. I hit a major Jackpot betting only .50 cents…. it's on my channel as well. …

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