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10 thoughts on “REASONS TO PLAY OR NOT TO PLAY IRON CROSS SYSTEM – Dice Systems Review

  1. The weakness, of course, is the field bet with its 5.56% house edge. I'd play IC on a table that pays triple on 2 or 12, but those tables are extremely rare.

  2. I played this for months back when I was learning craps. Served me well for it's purpose, but the slow grind of +2 and +5 is tedious. I started putting two units on 5/6/8 and one unit on field to try to make up some more money, and take it down after a while.

  3. I use hybrid noly inside with the iron cross… big hits the first 2 rolls and then drop down to play with house money.

  4. Stimulus Check Iron Cross $400 on the 5, $420 on the 6&8, and $160 on the field. Good luck.

  5. I've missed seeing these teaching videos. The level up series with Jeremy was amazing.

  6. Thank you for the great explanation. I have seen people using this system every time I play. The issue that these people run into: they do not know how to play Craps; this issue also happens to the Place bet people. Both groups make the bet as soon as the Point is establish; they both think that a "Long Streak" will happen right now! I have seen tons of Long Streak – The best thing about Long Streaks is – you can make your tons of bets on the 4th roll, 6th roll (or 20th roll) of the shooter.
    — I plan my day at $20 an hour, just like my real job (err. $13/hr). Now if I got $20 in my 1st 5mins of play, I sure have 55 mins left and could end up with $600/hr. Once back in 2004 – I won $1200 in Canada just making Field Bets, I got comp'ed a fancy room at the hotel for all the money I lost. Comp'ed math: $2400 in bets an hour X 14 hours = free room and 4 ($50) lobster meals. My average wins per hour on this day was only $85. I'm just saying.

  7. i like the cross..i dont play the 5 tho..and i still press my 6 and 8..the 5 is a losing bet.more 7s come than 5s…nice review

  8. I agree with Zach Jersey, I use 2 units : 5,6,8 and single unit on the field…pull down after three hits,. I have lost my a$$ on David's power press when I get four numbers pressed up twice and the shooter 7's out. That being said I have rolled two monsters and made $500 and $700 when it would have been way more with the power press. Iron cross is low risk and low reward which is good for my small bankroll.

  9. My iron cross is called
    “The bottom of the cross”
    3 units on the box numbers
    4 units in the field.
    Looking at doubling your field bet with the first field hit
    Then collect if it hits again and going back to 4 units
    Who does not like a big bottom to hit.😉

  10. Got my cheeks clapped yesterday on the craps table, established a point, 7 out twice in a row

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