SUPER IMPRESSIVE – Second Banker Baccarat System Review

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SUPER IMPRESSIVE – Second Banker Baccarat System Review

10 thoughts on “SUPER IMPRESSIVE – Second Banker Baccarat System Review

  1. If you really want to learn a system with good results, it is the macau system, everything else is garbage.

    never martingale it's suicide

  2. Active Players Needed. Please try this INTERACTIVE online casino

  3. I just bust using banker second got like 16 chop chop , but never stumble here before i busted

  4. I was looking for table for table i saw a long chop but it was so long i started at 8th chop and it went on on 16th chop i dried my bank roll

  5. CEG Dealer School, in the United States you will find 3 types of baccarat. Big Bacc; Mini Bacc; and EZ-Bacc. The version you are playing is EZ-Bacc. You made statement about the push on baccarat being how the house maintains its edge on EZ-Bacc. That statement was not entirely accurate. With EZ-Bacc you with have a special side bet known as a 7 Dragon. Basically all banker 3rd wins are 7 Dragons. For players who betted the separate 7 Dragon side bet it pays 40 to 1. For players betting banker who didn't bet the separate 7 Dragon side bet their banker hand is a push. Given this fact most players bet the side bet along with their banker bet. The 96% failure of the 7 Dragon to appear within most shoes is where casino holds it's edge. Not the push factor on the banker hand as you stated. The casinos actually make money on EZ-Bacc due to the heavy side betting by players. The game since 2014 has evolved to incorporating a additional side bet of a 3 card 8 win on the player side. It is called a Panda. This additional side bet increases house edge on baccarat.

  6. Hi guys, i don't know if you guys remember me. I shared my High 5/Low 5 Strategy with you almost a year ago and a video was posted about that. I'm grateful for the fact that this channel is the only channel that shared an outsider's strategy.

    By the way, I'm sorry for being away for so long.

    I followed along with playing my method with this shoe that you have demostrated. I will have to admit that this shoe is very interesting because there was multiple terrible twos pattern and I was still able to be in the plus with my high5-low5 betting method. I will be honest. Because of the multiple terrible twos pattern, I was down -20 units at the most. I was able to win my 10-unit bet at Hand #57. I flat bet 1 unit for the remainder of this shoe. Here are my results:

    32 wins
    25 losses
    +21.05 units

    It's nothing like what you have accomplished but the focus with my method is to make at the most 5% per session. Sometimes a small profit makes a big difference. My blog is still up and running if anybody with like to see it. Just reply to this comment and I'll send it to you for free. Honest.

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