Almost BANNED Roulette Strategy

Roulette Strategy Video Information:

Be one of the last to get it before it gets banned by the casinos!

Still working on 2018!

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Almost BANNED Roulette Strategy

10 thoughts on “Almost BANNED Roulette Strategy

  1. Good thing is you can choose either dozens or columns to bet on, the odds are almost 0.13% of not hitting on 17th spin for your target dozen/column, however you should have a terribly bad luck not to hit on that stage, and it's very slow

  2. I thought the strategy was to bet only after 7 spins. Why in this video are you betting each spin?

  3. If you were really making this kind of money you wouldn't only be playing an hour a week.

  4. impossible to down load will you please e mail me the book thank you….my e mail ad is

  5. Does this also work in land based roulette, or electronic roulette tables in Europe?

  6. It's illegal to put 500 , if you lose put 1000 if you lose put 2000 if you lose put 4000 until you win ? 😛 I think this way they will brat your ass and your teeths :p haha

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