OFC Poker Strategy with Tonybet Poker Pro Pedro Marte

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http://TonybetPoker.com Tonybet Poker Pro Pedro Marte discusses Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker strategy during an online OFC poker session.

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OFC Poker Strategy with Tonybet Poker Pro Pedro Marte

10 thoughts on “OFC Poker Strategy with Tonybet Poker Pro Pedro Marte

  1. during the 21:00 fantasy land would it be a better option to go 9977 in middle and KK up top?

    KK5 +8
    AAA33 +6

    KK up top are the nuts (as you have AAA) unless you're out kicked,which is unlikely, and it gives you the same points as a flush and its less likely someone will beat your 9977 in the middle than they will your K97 on top


  2. If I knew how to do videos properly. I would do a video over this one showing the 50 mistakes Pedro made. His basics are good but he has no out awareness and no understanding of other players motives. Especially when they are bailing out, he thinks they are just being guys when the plays are either correct or very close.

  3. I have a question please. In 3 card poker a straight beats a flush. How does this influence the ranking of the 3 hands?

  4. You missed out on 3 points up top on the hand in fantasy at the 14 minute mark. Should have…

    KJ942 club flush

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