10 thoughts on “This will shake down the entire world of Baccarat, Casino Winner

  1. Y para los que hablamos español no existe esta actualización gratuita?? Yo aoy estudiante del baccarat tko y tko pro, los primeros que usted saco hace ya muchos años

  2. I graduated Panacea and Sniper TKO,
    Would love some tips and lessons to spot those triggers etc

  3. For playing the Perfect Game of baccarat… Lol thanks a lot, Teacher Jay. l hope to be up grade in high level like an elite player.

  4. thank you for everything jay… as i have always said in a sea of charlatans out there peddling their snake oil (you name it i’ve bought it); you are the real deal… i was wondering aimlessly in the dessert and you led me out… that is why five years ago i called you Moses and the name still sticks…god bless

  5. Jay, you are a man with the most integrity I have met. Thanks for everything you have taught us. You are always coming up with new methods to win. Changing with the trends as the game evolves. You are the real deal.

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