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Online poker tips – Ten seconds to becoming a better tournament poker player.

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Online poker tips

10 thoughts on “Online poker tips

  1. @johnnycheck99 You go HARD out. Raise whenever you can preflop.
    This wil force semi good hands to fold (like J, 10).

    This will mostly leave you and the guys with hands like KA, AQ, KQ left. And from there you need to alter depending on flop. If flop is all low cards..BET BET BET..and they will think you got a pocket low cards. (55, 66, 99 and such).

    If you get a good flop, check….Someone else will probably bet…and you can raise.

  2. I am glad finally that I uncovered quite a few tactics on publishing an online game. This would generally help me and others who are gonna be distribution managers especially for online games……

  3. He is right. When you just feal your opponent has got AA you have to lay down every hand. Even the Kings.

  4. Whats the poker software he's using- not full tilt but the odds and ev tab down the bottom?

  5. If you're first to act and the blinds are small and quite a few players then you should just call and let worse hands in or hope they raise then you go all in or re raise depending on the pot or what cards you put them on.

  6. LOLOL, just got to a final table of the micro stakes, i'm on the bb on the sb is the biggest donkey i've seen, this guy was flopping sets with 4-2 offsuit and knocking out aces to the final table just so you understand. He calls, i go all in since i'm a small stack with pocket 6s and i knew this guy was playing anything, he calls… 9h-5c, good right? WRONG, flop comes 9-8-8. Yap, before that he went all in with queen-3 vs 2 guys and flopped quads aswell.

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