Baccarat Wining Strategy with Money Management 4/1/19

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I wanted to play Live Play but I am limited on how much money I can put in a day.. My other casino is a good casino but for me the feed on the Live Play Dealer is just to slow .. Cheers : ))

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Baccarat Wining Strategy with Money Management 4/1/19

8 thoughts on “Baccarat Wining Strategy with Money Management 4/1/19

  1. Can u make the volume more it’s kinda hard to hear been like that last 10 videos thx

  2. I assume your in the US? How do you get your money back from these casino? Maybe you can make a video on that to help us get started. Thanks

  3. Great video. System looks pretty solid! I understand how ur doing the underdog now. Because b4 I was just going off of the last 3 outcomes as what was the underdog, but by going from the total player/bankers combined makes it interesting to see if this is a better way to choose were ur next bet will go. Can't wait to see u put it to the test at a live table!!

  4. When you lose it will take up the wins because you are trying to make a little with the potential to lose a lot more

  5. Hi chi, i just think if u were to follow the favourites, ur winnings will be 100 instead of 50 only…

  6. Not related to your betting style, but to the the site you chose. I know you weren’t satisfied with the feed on 5dimes , but could you tell me why you chose these guys? Hopefully you will eventually do a withdraw, are you confident in these guys paying out. Only reason I ask is because I have had a bad experience trying to withdraw with a different betting site, limited amount and all the documents I had to provide, it took a long long time to finally get my money.
    Also, did you use Bitcoin ?

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