Mastering Turn Strategy in Small Stakes Tournaments

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Mastering Turn Strategy in Small Stakes Tournaments

10 thoughts on “Mastering Turn Strategy in Small Stakes Tournaments

  1. Hey Jonathan, is the ace a good card to keep firing? The villian call the flop so he is probably have one pair and with the ace many times can have two pairs, so even when you have AK you can be betting to a bigger hand. It is very different with any other broadway cards, because they have a lot of Ax in their range but not so many Kx, Qx or Jx. I think it is better to check call the turn and bet the river if the turn goes check check. In this matter you can get two streets of value or three if the villian bet turn and bet river

  2. When hero doesn't have many draws, should they prefer to "find more draws" or to bet lower amount of premium hands to balance? Playing around with the range analyzer I arrived at this, is it ok? Gives a closer 50/50 ratios. Checks mid aces and bets TT-66 that draw to a set and benefit from folding a Jack:

  3. I didn’t see you there either.

    Please do a video on 4 bet defense and cold calling 3 bets if that’s even the best option

  4. I toke a break for three weeks. Realy missed these kind of nice videos!!! Based on your degenaracy video I also made a KPI to be sure i study enough and I will skip playing and watching startcraft 2 for the coming months.

  5. I hate it when I have a good draw and somebody check-shoves the turn and I barely have the pot odds to call him…

  6. I almost solely now follow JL on YouTube for poker analysis and Brad for entertainment/live play. This upload is potentially invaluable! Brilliant.

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