Banker-Only Paroli Baccarat Strategy Turning $10,000 into $23,900 Within 2 Minutes

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The aim of this video is to show that a particular Banker-only Baccarat strategy with paroli-style money management is working well.

The strategy goes as follows:

1. Only bet on Banker every time.
2. Don’t bet at every chance: you must skip from some hands, when you predict Player will come or on other basis that you judge you should skip from.
3. Use paroli sequence: 1-2-4. I recommend 3-steps paroli. 4-steps paroli, such as 1-2-4-8 would be slightly more dangerous since 4th step might lose, so keep 3-steps one.
4. Establish your rules to skip from betting on Player hands: for example, when Player comes, you skip from next 2 hands, or for another example, when Player comes 3 times in a row, then on next time bet on Banker, etc.
5. Avoid having both too much and too little bankrolls: I recommend 10 units bankroll or 20 units bankroll, for this strategy. Short-term games are better than long-term games, to win money with this strategy.

The background music is me playing the acoustic guitar chords progression: G-Bm-G-A, Em-G-A-C, G-Bm-G-A, Em-G-A, Em-G-D-Bm, Em-G-D-Bm.
The website appearing on this video is Wizzard of Odds.

Good Luck-!!!

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Banker-Only Paroli Baccarat Strategy Turning $10,000 into $23,900 Within 2 Minutes