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  2. Baccarat Strategy is very simple:
    KISS Strategy
    Keep it simple smart !
    ➗2 x 2 Theory is the key.
    3 conditions match each other methodology.
    Cheat Sheet by James Grosjean.
    Cheat Sheet by Michael Shackleford.
    www.Wizard of Odds . com
    Circle of 13 and 52.
    13 new eBooks over 2000 pages plus one to one coaching with Master Wu.

    Bonus (Dragon, Tiger, Panda, Ox, Tie); Using Triangle Strategy !!!
    Probability Strategy is the best of the best !!! How Wonderful .

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    Mathematics is the key of Baccarat ! How Wonderful .

    have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in NIO, AMZN, TSM, AAPL, PSTH, BFT, PFE, LAZR, EDIT, SWKS, NOK, APPN, TSLA, CRSP over the next 72 hours.
    can slim strategy !
    Baccarat Kingmaker

    Developed by William O'Neil of Investor's Business Daily, CANSLIM is a method of screening for stocks based on the folllowing seven characteristics. It should be noted that typically, only 2% of the database will qualify as buy candidates using these screening applications. Also, when the Market Edge "Market Posture" is bearish, there will not be any selections since the M part of the formula requires a favorable market environment. In order to qualify as a CANSLIM stock the company needs to have the following characteristics: • C=Current Earnings: Quarterly earnings per share are up 25% or more. • A=Annual Earnings: Five year average compounded earnings growth rate is greater that 24%. • N=New Highs: The stock is within 15% of making a new 52-week high and is breaking out of a period of consolodation. • S=Shares Outstanding: The number of shares outstanding is less than 50 million shares and there has been a recent increase in trading volume. • L=Leading Stocks: The company is a market leader reflected by a Relative Strength Value (RSV) of 80 or higher.A RSV of 80 means that the stock outperformed 80% of all other stocks in the data base during the past year. • I=Institutional Ownership: Institutional sponsorship should be minimal but there should be at least one major institution with a sizeable position in the stock. • M=Market Conditions: The Market Edge "Market Posture" should be Bullish.During periods when the posture is bearish, there will not be any selections.


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  3. Baccarat
    ➗2 X 2 Theory:
    Row one 36 ➗ 2。
    Row two 18 X 2 vs. Row one 36.
    Row two 18 ➗2 vs. Row Three 9.

    Row Three 9 X 2 vs. Row Two 18.
    Row Three 9 ➗2 vs. Row Four 4.

    analogy application !
    Probability programming design.

    Probability Wisdom !
    How Wonderful !
    Baccarat Kingmaker
    Master Wu

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    Baccarat Kingmaker

    36 Row one
    18 Row two
    9 Row three
    4 Row four
    Always 2 : 1 Ratio !
    Combine with the Probability Cheat Sheet.
    100% Winning Strategy !

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