Baccarat…Craps and Roulette Money Management…Exact Guidelines

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Money management can totally make the difference between making money in the casino or losing it. It does not matter how good your money management is if your bet selection is weak…bad money management can make it worse. This is true regardless of which game you play….craps, blackjack, baccarat, roulette or Pai Gow or blackjack. In this video Dr. Tom, aka the Bacdoctor, explains his favorite money management approaches which when combined with his superior bet selection, results in profitable trips most times he plays.

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Baccarat…Craps and Roulette Money Management…Exact Guidelines

10 thoughts on “Baccarat…Craps and Roulette Money Management…Exact Guidelines

  1. Hi,
    Not really sure how to answer your question except to say you would play red and black instead of banker and player.

  2. What does he say around 8:34, " If you've been stretched that far and you're not winning that many bets I would just take my ?????? and go onto the next one."

  3. What you do with blackjack double down and splits? Or you just dont use em with for example level 5 betting?

  4. These money management strategies are not really suitable for blackjack because of the pair splitting and double down opportunities. Thank you for your question.

  5. Thanks for the explanation. I've recently been experimenting with doubling strategies on roulette in a scripted simulation. My next step was to try and build an extra layer of money and session management in the code. (And thats how i stumbled on this video)Your explanation has given me some input to experiment with, thanks. If i find the time to implement it in my current script i might be able to provide some simulation statistics on the mentioned strategies.

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