3 thoughts on “BONUS CRAPS™

  1. This addition to the long shots offers significant advantage if you can control dice at all.  If you can think, then you are 10x better off.

    For instance, last night I had $2-$6-$2 bet on this and got to only a 10 high, for $2, with +$70, or -$2 potential at the next decision.

    I hedged a $40 (-$1vig) against the 10.
    Some, and especially others who were on it with me wondered what I did that for….

    Well lets see;
    No hedge:
    I hit any 7 and I lose $2, just on that side, but also the other $8 I had out on the 'low', and 'all'. (and all bets that are against a 7). Minimum loss, $20 at a $10 table.
    I hit any 10, and I collect $68 profit.
    6 $20 losers and 3 $68 winners.


    I hit any 7 and I WIN $20, and get $40 back, but lose the $8 bet on that bet, a profit of $19 on a $51 bet.
    I hit any 10, and I collect $27 profit on $51 bet.
    6 $19 winners and 3 $27 winners.

    This system presents a 7.76% edge to the house, so if you can control at all, you should be able to collect better than that.  That is one move your way in 12 rolls.

  2. What they don't tell you is the house edge on these bets is criminally insane. The all bet has an edge of up to 20%!!!

  3. We had it in Bangor, Maine. They took it out. My attitude toward it: 1. You would play a slot machine for a dollar and three pulls, think nothing of it. So why not do $3 on this game. 2. It was a great way to tip the dealers. I would throw down a nickel, and say, "give me both ends and the middle, give the dealers, both ends". I had been having a good night one night, on that bet and brought in $175 for the dealers alone, mostly hitting one end or the other. I had actually hit both ends once, but did not have any for the dealers on that time.

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