Baccarat Practice play Winning Strategies 5/27/19

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This System is The Chi one ,two, three, four, and five : )) All Systems will fail !! What I try to prove is that with M.M. Hey take your pick of any System and as long as your System takes advantage of chops and trends and you use M.M. You are going to be fine : ))

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Baccarat Practice play Winning Strategies 5/27/19

5 thoughts on “Baccarat Practice play Winning Strategies 5/27/19

  1. Since the nemesis of the system you were using in this vid is 5 streaks then it certainly makes sense that you will encounter that nemesis FAR less often like this than if your nemesis was terrible 2s or 3s, or even 4s. It's not all that unusual to play an entire shoe with no 5 streaks. And, happily, half of the time a 5 streak happens you will already be on that side playing Chi 1 all the way to the bank 🙂

    Makes sense that in order to qualify for "recreational" you have to play through your entire bankroll at least once before any withdrawals. Probably has something to do with anti money laundering rules. In this practice video you probably churned through at least $3000 so no big deal.

  2. I tried this in practice and it was great till I ran into this pattern: PBBBBBPBBBBBPBBBBB. That took me below my stop loss of -200. Any thoughts on how to counteract that pattern? Thanks for your great videos!

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