3 thoughts on “Baccarat Strategies with M.M. by Chi

  1. Is this your favorite system that you use now?
    Also ive been thinking of playing texis hold'em.

  2. Wow, for a while there you were really plagued with those terrible twos. That was when you came close to stopping out. If you had been using U4D5 at the time you WOULD have stopped out for sure. I think the lesson there is that U2D3 is PLENTY aggressive for a $500 Stop Loss.

    When I go to the casino I am bringing between 8 — 10% of my total Bac bankroll with me. The amount of money in my pocket is my stop loss for that session. My win goal is approximately10% of what my stop loss is. While my Stop loss amount for that day is written in stone, my win goal is just a guideline that sometimes changes with the circumstances. Fortunately I haven't hit my stop loss for the day in a very long time now. However there have been many days where I decided to raise the white flag & quit while down a smaller amount after having been down a large amount. During that time I have come close to hitting my daily stop loss a few times but always managed at least a partial comeback. I hope to continue dodging the bullet but I also know that sooner or later I will hit that stop loss again and go home with nothing more than lint in my pockets. HORRIBLE feeling, by the way. Taking that walk of shame to my car followed by the drive of shame home. That's why I have done everything in my power to minimize that occurrence. When things are going really bad & my bets are way up high, the highest they ever get is only about 3% of my total stop loss bankroll for the day. IE: the MM you do when your bets are down low (jump down to base) I choose to do when my bets are getting high up into the stratosphere. Said another way I quit raising my bets up higher once they reach a certain level. After that I flat bet while waiting for my win streak to (hopefully) show up. If the win streak does show up then I start lowering my bets after consecutive wins. After I eventually work my way slowly back down to base bet I consider myself very lucky to have made a partial comeback & either leave or play VERY conservatively after that. Dodge the bullet & live to fight another day. Hopefully my next session will be easy peasy.

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