How to deal with BEAK THINGS INVASION – Kenshi [Beep no limbs]

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In todays video i’ll show you how to deal with a beak things invasion at your base in Kenshi, while having absolutely no limbs attached to our small little friend called Beep. Also there’s jean claude van damme in this, so watch it.

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How to deal with BEAK THINGS INVASION – Kenshi [Beep no limbs]

10 thoughts on “How to deal with BEAK THINGS INVASION – Kenshi [Beep no limbs]

  1. Remember to check out the large building in the Black Desert city. The best shop in the game is here. Come back with some cash!

  2. if you speak to a certain skeleton called "sadneil" in the skelly bar you can get him as a free recruit, he's terrible but has potential, and racks up permanent limb damage that can be removed at a skeleton repair bed, like those in the Skelly doctor huts you tried stealing from

  3. I have commented this before dude! YOU NEED TO CLEAN THEM BODIES UP! THATS WHAT ATTRACTS THE BEAK THINGS. Tame some bone dogs they will eat the bodies so the Beak Things don't appear!

  4. ALSO – Get robots on your cross bows. They never move, they never sleep, they never eat. They just SHOOT things.

  5. while youre in black desert city you should go on the other side of the lake to the north, run around it its acid, and go in the ruins on the north bank, you will find your bestesst friends in there, just dont take them near anyone you like they only like you and your group

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