How to Beat a Loose Aggressive Poker Player (Do THIS)

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This hand is a textbook example of how to beat a loose aggressive poker player.

We have a marginal (but probably the best) hand on both the turn and river.

This is the perfect spot to simply let a LAG player hang himself with a silly bluff.

This hand was played perfectly in my opinion and provides an excellent example of how you crush a loose aggressive poker player.

Make sure you let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree and how you would have played this hand.



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How to Beat a Loose Aggressive Poker Player (Do THIS)

10 thoughts on “How to Beat a Loose Aggressive Poker Player (Do THIS)

  1. Nice video, and if I may say so, a welcome change after all the "Villain has nuts" videos.

    Also a minor detail: It would be good if you didn't see the "JJ Hero $1.32" thing in the top-left corner. If you use Poker Tracker you know that hero has won the hand even before the action started. Doesn't change anything about the analysis, of course, but it might still be more interesting to watch if you don't know the outcome of the hand. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. 99 doesn't really seem like a bad value bet though? Like hero never has it beat unless it's JJ+. A8 alone is up to 12 combos.

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  4. You cant bet them.You can catch him 1,2,3 times in bluff and take his money but he will replenish that with his bluffs later,if he is good lag and if he dont tilt.

  5. Great advice i was upaginst a limping aggressive calling-station last night i would bet pre-flop ( villain cold calls ) .. c-bet flop ( praying to lock my cards on the flop only way to really get them as he would hit middle pair ) … villain flat calls. Would check the turn to face aggressive raise ( If i had 3bet he would have raised again aggressive ) so cold called him and same on the river only to show he missed the board and the everyone who he had been bullying at the table saw and my 4 3 clubs made him very angry in the process ( Two of a kind ).ย 
    He clearly knew how to play and was milking players dry with aggressive limping , checking , raiseing. it was hard being patent to get him but once exposed all the learning players who had been milked of BB's went to town on him all inning when he was o the big blind ect… and nobody believed his story.
    I learnt a hard lesson as he got the better of me when came to the table so took a while to figgie out as he clearly knew how to play and it was his way of levelling up chips to be near the chip leader.

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