Baccarat Strategy Experiments: How Many Units to Win per Shoe – Goal 8 Units – Part 2

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Date: 2/19/2023 – Round 2

Starting Bankroll: $1,052

Ending Bankroll: $1,095

Profit/Loss: $43

1 Unit Bet: $5

Goal: 10 Units

Units Won: 8

Starting Bankroll Units: 210 Units

Finishing Bankroll Units: 218 Units

Hands Played: 76 Hands

Rounds Won This Series: 2 Round

Total Rounds Played This Series: 2 Round

Win/Loss Ratio: 100%

How Many Units to Win Per Shoe?

In this experiment, we will try to find the optimal number of units to win per shoe.

What variables to consider during this experiment:

Profit: Try to win as many units per shoe to maximize profit? Win in the short run and stop before you give it back in the long run? Find an average number of units you can consistently win based on your current skill level?

Rounds Left Per Shoe: Are there enough rounds left in the shoe to win your money back if you hit a losing streak?

Number of Units Won: Is there a certain number of units that you typically win but then start to lose when you push for a few more units?

Consistency: With your current betting strategy and skill level, how many rounds do you take to win your average number of units won per shoe?

Bankroll: Do you have a big enough bankroll to achieve your desired units won?

Bet Size: How many units are you willing to bet in each round?

Comfort Level: Do you have the nerve to make the proper bet size when your strategy calls for it? (At what dollar amount or units bet do your hands start to shake?)

Table Limits: Will your bet progression strategy be limited by the max table bet limit?

Capping (stop increasing units wagered): If you hit a losing streak, at what point do you cap your bets, accept a small loss, start your betting progression over and increase once you start to win again?

Shoe Variance (major patterns in the shoe – streaky, choppy, one-sided dominant): Overall, are you winning or losing this shoe? Does the shoe variance agree with your betting strategy?

Stop-Loss: If the shoe variance doesn’t agree with your betting strategy, at what dollar amount loss, do you stop betting?

Time: How much time do you have to play the shoe?

With these variables in mind, it’s important to experiment with different numbers of units you aim to win per shoe, while keeping track of your results. This way you can have a better understanding of what works best for you, and tailor your strategy accordingly. Ultimately, this should help you find the optimal number of units to win per shoe!

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Baccarat Strategy Experiments: How Many Units to Win per Shoe – Goal 8 Units – Part 2