POKER SOLVERS: 5 tips you’ll want to know! // Pio Solver

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Poker solvers can teach us a lot of things about our game and about strategies to beat the competition. I’ll show you what I use, how to use it, and 5 ways to learn from Pio Solver

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POKER SOLVERS: 5 tips you’ll want to know!   //  Pio Solver

10 thoughts on “POKER SOLVERS: 5 tips you’ll want to know! // Pio Solver

  1. One of the best videos on the poker internet. I’ve been looking for one of these videos just haven’t taken the time to find one, but one found me! Thank you @potatopoker

  2. It's really remarkable how wide in some situations the solver wants to continue facing a bet. I would think even very skilled mid-stakes players don't continue as wide as the solver.

  3. litterally the opposite of all the reasons i play poker lol. i get it and im sure it works but no ty. i prefer poker as an art rather than a science. so every player just mimmicks each other so nobody wins 😂 good luck with that.

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  5. Please rename Piosolver to PileSolver. How to solve the pile of crap your holding into a winner Just push all in and pray

  6. #2. PileSolver. You send your dog to drop a huge deuce on your douchebag neighbors porch. He loads up PileSolver dna analysis option. Finds out it’s full of potato. Case solved

  7. You keep wearing that seatown gear and I'll keep watching and giving likes!
    Oh yeah good poker vlog too 🤣

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