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  1. Thank you master for your great dedication to your disciples you always answer questions to the best of your ability and with great knowledge I appreciate all the help you give to your members great advice keep up the good work 👍

  2. Thanks once again for a valuable video MBG. 🙂

    My IMHO "silver dollar" advice…

    For all of those interested, read the following book — Trading In The Zone by Mark Douglas
    It can be purchased on Amazon, found as a PDF, listened to the audiobook on YouTube or watched a 4-part series on YouTube.
    This is a book about trading psychology as applied to the financial markets.

    However, it can be equally applied to Baccarat.

    Psychology is most often overlooked when it comes to Baccarat.
    Everyone wants the "get rich now" system. No one wants to address the fact that even with the "get rich now" system, most people will screw it up.

    Personally, I have found that while what MBG teaches, with some elbow grease on my part works. It is the "mental aspect" of the game that was hurting me the most. I was profitable "on paper" practicing and "testing", playing on free software, following every YouTube Baccarat channel, before meeting MBG, but, sabotaged myself when I sat at the table. You know… the thinking I was thinking but in reality I was not. It was just a blur of mindlessness. Or the constantly looking for the new "holy grail" because the last one that I found that was passed along by one of the gurus, testers, or showing how I play YouTube channels, did not work.

    I followed MBG's advice and stopped playing until I put in the necessary work to deeply internal what he is teaching. The result was an improved hit rate and profitability not only on paper/testing/practicing, but, also at the table on the felt too where there is "no mercy".

  3. I have join the Advanced Excercise Membership, and found that this channel is a scam. 86 LV1 vids, 10 LV2 vids and 10 LV3 vids :))))))) from #2 to #77 just a LV1 vids ?!?

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