Baccarat Strategy Training (Bank Robber)

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Baccarat Strategy Training.

This is the training video for Bank Robber. Thank you to everyone for subscribing. This is a fun little quick in and out system to play. Hopefully you guys and gals enjoy it and have fun with it.

My favor in the video I forgot to mention but go through my real money card counting demo and count the number of times I lose when I make a player or banker bet with the tie. Not when I chase only the tie because I am always going to lose a few of those.


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Baccarat Strategy Training (Bank Robber)

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  1. Forgot to mention my favor in the video. Go through my real money card counting video in description and count how many times in a row I lose when I bet player or banker with the tie. Obviously not only when I bet just the tie because I will always lose a few. Leave a comment on that video letting me know

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